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Everyone knows that life is full of uncertainties and the folks opt for the insurance amount and this amount will be more helpful in the loss of the uncertainties that happens in life.

Fire Ball 22

Everyone knows that life is full of uncertainties and the folks opt for the insurance amount and this amount will be more helpful in the loss of the uncertainties that happens in life. Insurance is nothing but a financial product which is sold by the insurance companies in order to safeguard oneself and also protects against the loss, damage or the theft. There are some types of insurances where a person has to undergo the protocols such as the motor insurance. One can also buy the insurance policies for different aspects of the life such as for the health, home, car, business including the retirement etc. Life insurance is something that enhances your overall financial portfolio.

How does it work?

When a person obtains a policy from the regular payments is known as the premium amount to the insurer. If a person makes a claim, the insurer will pay the amount for the concerned loss which is covered under the policy. In case if the claim is not done, then they won’t get back the money. In this scenario, it is pooled with the premium amount of the other policyholders who have taken the insurance amount with the same insurance company. There are several factors to be considered before going on for insurance. They are the reason to cover the amount, the amount to be included in the cover, the total amount can be afforded, the time duration and whether the cover amount is for oneself or for his blood relations etc.

In order to buy insurance, one can contact the insurer directly either in the online or in the phone conversation. If they need any assistance they can seek the professional advice through the insurance broker. One can also check the comparison websites in order to get the best deal on the type of the concerned policy.

How the premium amount is calculated?


Generally, the insurers use the risk data in order to calculate the occurring of the event. This information will be the most used one regarding the cost of the premium. There are certain policy conditions and different terms. Eventually, there are three major principles that are common one across all the insurance policies. First, the cover amount is provided for the actual value of the concerned item that has been damaged but it does not include any of the sentimental value. The major point is that the losses must not be the deliberate one. There should be a possibility for the insurers to calculate the chance of loss so that the final premium amount matches the risk.

The Motor Insurance is divided into three types such as Car insurance, Two Wheelers insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance. The Two wheelers include the scooters and motorbikes. The four-wheelers include the private cars, jeeps, buses, trucks and the other vehicles etc. Car Insurance is a one which is the fastest growing one because of the major reason is that it is compulsory while buying a new car. Most of the car manufacturers have an agreement with the leading insurance companies in order to provide quick insurance to the folks. The car insurance covers the damage by fire, lightning earthquake, terrorist attacks, explosion, and theft etc. On the other side of the flip, it also covers the electronic accessories and the other important items. Next, two wheeler insurance is one of the popular auto insurance and it provides protection against the calamities such as the fire, rockslide, hurricane, flood, and earthquake etc.


The calamities can be anything; natural and the man-made. The accident cover is also suitable for the passengers. The Commercial Vehicle Insurance is a one which covers all the types of vehicles which are not particularly used for the personal purpose. The Commercial vehicles are the trucks, buses, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and the ambulances etc. The premium amount is calculated on the basis of several factors such as place of registration, year of manufacture, showroom price etc.

How the auto insurance works and what they cover?

The liability coverage is a one where it assists in the cover damages for the injuries including the property damage done to the others. The Collision insurance is a one which covers the damage to the car after an accident which is involved in another vehicle including the replacement of the covered vehicle. The Comprehensive insurance is one where it can provide an enhanced level of the coverage in the instance of the accident which is involved with another vehicle. There is a loop of factors are included here such as the collisions, vandalism, certain weather events including the accidents with the animals. Another type of insurance named Uninsured Motorist insurance which can protect a person and their car against the uninsured drivers and the hit and run accidents. Most of the drivers choose the option of minimum liability coverage in order to save the amount. This is possible under the underinsured motorist insurance. This type of the insurance can protect a person in the event of the accident along with a driver where the insurance is not enough to cover the cost. Once an accident prevails, the medicals costs can be the expensive one; medical payments coverage assist in the payment of the medical cots subjected to the covered accident. Next, personal injury protection insurance is a one which covers the medical expenses including the loss of income resulted from a specific accident. The personal injury protection covers about eighty percent of the medical including the other expenses from a covered accident.


1) Is auto insurance a mandatory one?

Yes, the auto insurance is a mandatory one. In order to make sure that you are subjected to the right insurance, it is better to visit your government’s transportation website.

2) How expensive is auto insurance?

The Auto insurance is a relatively inexpensive one and it totally depends on your driving history and the credit report.

3) Can I put anyone on my policy?

Yes, you can include the members of the concerned household on your policy, but the address should be the same one.

4) What happens if forgot to pay the premium amount?

Initially, your insurance company will mail you a warning notice. If it happens again, they will cancel your policy.

5) Can I deduct my auto insurance from my taxes?

It truly depends on your situation and in most of the cases; car insurance is a non-tax deductible.

6) Can I change my coverage whenever I want?

Yes, you can change your coverage whenever there is a necessity. If you wait until the termination of the policy, then there is no any charged amount.

7) What do you mean by insurance deductible?

An insurance deductible is nothing but the total amount of money you pay after an accident before the insurance company pays for the remaining amount.

Simple steps to make a Claim

1.Submission of insurance claim form

First and foremost, every policyholder should submit the duly filled insurance claim form with the necessary document details about the holder. The claim forms can be easily got from the company or from the company websites online.

2. Document the detailed information

It is must to convey the detailed information about the vehicle for the insurance company. You should keep track of all the information regularly that you need to file for the insurance claim.

3. Assigning insurer for the claim

The insurance company will send a person (adjuster) to assess for the given claim. He will prepare a detailed report based on the available information and pass it to the insurer. The insurer will verify all the documents and analyze for a satisfied submission of significant details.


4. Adjuster’s role in filing the claim

The adjuster will take over conversations with any third party, insurance company or any other people involved. They will examine the circumstances and work to process the claim. The customer should make sure that how the company will make steps in regarding the insurance claim.

5. Disbursing the claim

Once all the formalities have done, the insurance company will disburse the amount for the claim. Working the process with a better understanding on realistic timelines will help the customers to manage themselves with the claim by avoiding unnecessary aggravations.

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FireBall22 is a well-known insurance related website. The usage of the motor vehicles will figure out the rate for our insurance. Lesser the mileage used will be shown on our insurance price. The only concern which we will have is about our vehicle getting stolen. We can fix that by ourselves by adding security add-ons to the vehicle. Our company offers different types of insurances in order to help you people at any time.

Auto Insurance Pricing Table

Insurance Company Name Oil & Filter Change Complimentary Car Wash & Vacuum Complimentary Shuttle Service Cabin Air Filter Brake Special Weel Alignment Manufacturer Factory Trained
Texas Toyota of Grapevine $39 Yes Yes $39 $189 $89 Yes
Kwik Kar $36 No No $39 $280 N/A No
Firestone $39 No No $49 $271 $99 No
Christian Brothers $26 No No $56 $245 $89 No
Arbella Insurance Group $36 Yes No $41 $220 $80 Yes
fireball $37 Yes No $39 $270 N/A No
Progressive Corporation $38 No Yes $44 $250 $79 No
Farmers Insurance Group $33 Yes No $42 $261 $77 Yes
Esurance $37 Yes Yes $47 $191 $80 No